Okay so I’m not a ‘mommy blogger’. I’m not going to inundate you with stories of my children because four teenagers would probably decide they do indeed hate me and take me out behind the barn and shoot me. I’m not going to talk about diapers and food and exercise, or potty training and daycare, or the teen obsession with fashion or sex. I won’t talk about those things because this blog is not about the kids. It’s about the parents.

Way too often I’ve witnessed older folks and current parents throw up their hands and exclaim, ‘kids these days!’, as though the teenagers and young adults of today were dropped by the mothership and bear no resemblance to the tiny tots we so lovingly remember giving birth to.

But kids today were not dropped, they did not morph into something other worldly or even unexpected. They’ve turned out exactly as would be expected, given the parenting they’ve received. If the kids are narcissistic and shallow, well, ….?

I’m a mother of four kids who are passing all too quickly out of my life and into the world, I’ve managed to stay sane, maintain a marriage, and be ever grateful for being part of their young lives. Over the years, and at any given time, they’ve been an inspiration, an agitation, a compliment to my ability as a mother, a stark reminder of my failure as a mother, and everything in between.

So that’s it, that’s me. I have opinions about parenting, I know other really good parents. I am good at research and will find what I can to share about parenting. And believe me, I get it. Parenting is hard. But it’s not impossibly hard. So read on.

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